Bitz2Go Recipe book

The Blitz2Go book brings to life smoothie and juice cocktail recipes like no other book.

Packed full of fruity juiciness, this easy to read cocktail recipe book is ideal for fruit lovers.

Here’s a sneak peak and what’s packed inside this frumble of fruitilicious, drinkalicious book of joy…

  • Sweet tooth recipes.
  • Dairy-free recipes.
  • Fruitilicious recipes.
  • Healthy buzz recipes.
  • Yet more cocktail recipes…

With the Blitz2Go taking Australia by storm, this book has been built on the back of a fantastic facebook community.

Just Blitz and go!

Online copy of Blitz2Bo recipe book

Courtesy of the internet, we have here an online version of Blitz2Go recipe book, all for your enjoyment!

Watch our blog for cocktail reviews as we begin to recreate some of these legacy drinks….

Want to learn about modern cocktails?

Looking for more modern cocktail recipes to enjoy with friends? Then don’t miss the rest of the ever expanding Alchomix cocktail recipes database…

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