Navy Strength

Have you every wondered where the term Navy Strength came from?

The name suggests a very long and interesting history . A History rich with stories of drunken sailors in grand ships, exploring the uncharted waters of far away lands. Trying to navigate previously un travelled routes or simply, secure well sailed routes from plundering pirates.

Both have an air of romance about them, unfortunately neither of them are true. The truth is much simpler but no less of a feat.

The term was coined by John Murphy a branding consultant, while working on a project for Plymouth Gin in 1993. He essentially renamed “100 proof” which referred to a spirit bottled at 57% ABV.

This is not the swash buckling past one would expect from such a term. Though you could argue that just lends credence to the brilliance of John Murphy’s branding strategies. Either way its a strong spirit and should always be treated with respect.

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Now the term navy strength is synonymous with a high strength. I am sure we can all agree and congratulate John on his very clever marketing strategy, Well done John.

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